Heavy Metal Guitar Tricks

Every professional metal guitarist always looks forward to spicing up his/her performances. As a heavy metal guitarist, you must know that effective guitar techniques always go a long way in making your show a success. In this regard, heavy metal guitar tricks can really help you to enhance your performance skills. Some of these are discussed below.

Tuning of your Guitar

Tuning is the most important aspect of playing the guitar. Here, it is all about style, innovation, and technique. So, the tuning of your guitar should be effective enough to reflect this mood and tone. The tuning techniques that are mostly adopted by professional heavy metal bands are Drop B and Drop C. Also remember, for best results you need to use electronic tuners to tune your guitars instead of tuning them manually.

Power Chords

Heavy metal is all about power-packed guitar performances. So, the chords that you use in your performances should be powerful enough to enthrall and enchant the audience. This can be very well achieved with the help of power chords. Power chords are the same as metal chords but here you need to add an additional extra additional higher note to it.

Cool Guitar Riffs and Techniques

How effectively you can display your guitar riffs and techniques are also a deciding factor in making your performances successful. The heavy metal guitar tricks that you can learn are generally fast and effective. The riffs and tricks that you adopt should be fitted into the tune and melody of the song. These can be customized later and so can be quite effective and musically pleasing.

Use of Whammy Bar

A death metal guitar always has a tremolo arm. Also, it has got a dive-bombs and any other gimmick that can add to the music. The tremolo should and must be used properly and master the art. The dive bombs are a last-minute addition to any performance and only at the last minute before you hit the stage. The dive bombs should be banned by any professional metal guitarist.

Budget of your Guitar

The B.B.C. or the bass guitar chord can make any heavy metal guitar sound great. But it is not that difficult to learn to play a heavy metal guitar. If you can afford to buy a good one, you make great heavy metal guitar music. But remember, bass come and go. So, you might have to settle for an old guitar that you have lying around the house. The strings of the guitar will also need replacement and tuning.

The Right Pitch of the Guitar

The guitar can play notes at different pitches but the sound produced by any particular note or chord will always be at the same pitch. If you hit the bass strings at the wrong pitch, they do not make any sound at all. The guitar pitch should be consistent throughout its range.

Open Tunings

The guitar can be played with open tunings. Every good and aspiring heavy metal guitarist should practice with open tunings. You can learn the breaks of these tunings easily.

Of course, you can decide to just learn some of the techniques and stick to open tuning. But it will be easier to learn and master techniques and moves when you are already familiar with them.

Sometimes it is a good idea to stick to standard tuning and further develop your techniques. This will help you to eventually set the world record-breaking guitar speed.

Brotherhood of Metal Guitar Players

There are many influential and awesome metal guitar players out there. Many of them have played and mastered all types of music. They have innovated the guitar playing field by making new sounds and incredible techniques possible. The realm of heavy metal music is alive and well and extremely active. If you are a serious heavy metal guitarist, you definitely should follow some of these important tips.

Never Ever Give Up

The life of a metal guitarist is always full of victories and hurdles. The first one is that you must never quit. Sure, there are other people out there who can play a faster or more complicated guitar and you can play faster as well. But if you have got the perseverance and the focus, you will surely beat those numbers and make your music great. Don’t give up on practicing and patience.

Know your Picks

A metal guitar pick is essential for a metal guitar player. In normal everyday pick sessions, we always use. And this is very much true. All metal picks are different. Using one pick does not have to be either specific or consistent. While experimenting with different picks, find out which works better for you. Heavy metal music uses different types of picks. Therefore, use different picks.

The Right Tone

A metal guitar player depends a lot on his pick. He uses various metal picks. The guitarists especially start using their guitar picks when they are a beginner as it helps them to strum faster and get the right tone that they’re looking for.